Add module for automatic on/off of backlight

    for Spektrum DX6i and for DX7s




The module installed in Spektrum DX6i

This module is designed for connected to LED panel Turnigy_9X_LCD_Backlight_Kit

This LED panel is designed for Turnigy 9X, but it can be used for DX6i too - see next picture. The module can also be used with similar types of LED panels, but has been tested only with Turnigy panel.


 LED panel Turnigy / motherboard and LCD Spektrum DX6i

How the module works:

LED panel lights up for about 10 - 12 seconds:
- every time you use Roller
- every time you use any TRIM button
- when you start or stop the timer using  TRAINER switch

Output current (using LED panel Turnigy): cca 12mA/4,8V; cca 16mA/6V
Dimension: 21mm x 14.5mm
Smooth back for easy pasting module using double-sided tape

Easy installation in TX - only two wires to connect the LED panel and three wires to connect to TX DX6i.


Using this module in SPEKTRUM DX7S:

The module is connected to TX via capacitor (capacitor is supplied with the module)


Price: 6.50 Euro or 8.70 USD including shipping cost worldwide, payment by PayPal

Package contains:
1x module
capacitor (for DX7s)

Shipping: economy int. mail (no registered)

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